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What is Neiia

Neiia is the first media network providing exchange of experiences of people and unique vision and expertise of organizations in any valuable sphere of life.

Neiia contains two main parts:

• Human area – the social network for exchange of daily life experiences between people. The information from goods and services to real estate agencies and medical treatment. That one, which is only valuable when you get it from close people, because you know their habits and how to follow their recommendations.

• Media-Communities – the common media spaces for people and organizations with equal parameters of experiences to share their unique visions and experiences on topic of each Community. This concept helps organizations to uncover the unique components of their activities, and people to easily find those unique companies, goods and services that are best suited to them.

The main criterion to stand out among competitors on Neiia is the uniqueness of any activities.

Usually people need to look through search results and then all pages of a company website to find the best fit. Media-Communities help people easier to find goods and, especially, services at one place.

For people trusted information from close people and Media-Communities is a tool to choose what fits best in any valuable sphere of life. Exchanging experiences, people help unique and honest organizations to succeed, estimating parameters of their activities, goods and services. On Neiia it is also possible to start and succeed in business or non-profit activities, media or blogging due to unique skills, ideas and experiences.

For organizations Neiia is a free tool to:

• easily show expertise, uniqueness and care about customers

• attract new customers or audience for free

• get free promotion in Media-Communities and among satisfied clients

• discover competitive advantages

• find or improve market positioning

• find and create new markets and easily launch new products.

We believe, Neiia can provide people the easier way to find the best fit and get more from their daily life, than looking through all results on search engines or social websites.

Neiia is the place, where organizations care about how to show their uniqueness to people.

We also believe that unique skills and ideas will help unique people succeed in business, media or nonprofit activities.

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